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Experience Moonshine making at its finest

This is the real deal - South Carolina’s First Moonshine Distillery. The prohibition is over and moonshine is Legal! Every batch is handcrafted in very small batches - made from corn and born in a copper still to deliver a one of a kind spirit. Palmetto Moonshine’s unique flavor comes from a secret recipe. Palmetto Moonshine's un-aged corn whiskey has been triple distilled to create that perfect ultra-smooth and crisp clean tasting moonshine. If distilled more than that, you should just stick your pinky out and pour you a shot of vodka ‘cause this moonshine ain't for you! Only the pinky drinkers need a shot glass, the true rebels drink it from the jar. We promise you have never tasted anything like our moonshine. Come visit our distillery for a real moonshine experience.

And Always Shine Safely!!
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